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The Marriage Network & Love Story Marketplace

The Marriage Network & Love Story Marketplace

Marriagebook makes it easy to connect with individuals looking for marriage. Currently, most dating relationships entered into come with undefined long term expectations. This causes suffering and heartache by one or both partners. By eliminating the expectation gap, Marriagebook creates a place where individuals are free to express their long term romantic ideals and find true love

It’s unique because the platform is entirely dedicated to individuals looking for marriage. If you are looking to merely date or for a hookup, this is not the platform for you. It’s special because users share their ideal love story allowing potential partners to learn more about him/her romantic ideals.

The big benefit is that it helps individuals find their soulmate, someone that is looking to begin a lifelong love journey with another. This helps them avoid the suffering that comes from relationships with inconsistent expectations.

1. Marriage minded network

Marriagebook makes it simple to connect with marriage minded individuals elimination search costs and suffering costs

2. Love Story Marketplace

Marriagebook makes it simple to express and learn about another’s values and romantic ideals. Once you find a love story that captivates you, opt into it.

Marriagebook makes it easy for individuals to find a marriage minded partner. Users can create a profile and immediately start connecting with people looking for true love and marriage. Fill out your Love Story now and start connecting at

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